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The Alamo Bank

When I came up with this one, I was shooting for a Southwest/Mission Oak look. My wife took one look at it and said "It looks like the Alamo!". So, I guess I hit the mark :)
This is a massive bank, with a #2 door. It is over 10 inches wide, and almost 8 inches high. Made from solid Red Oak, it is quite sturdy. This is the only one of my banks that is not given a hard finish- in keeping with the Mission Oak look, it gets an oil finish. This seals it and brings out the grain, but does not make it shiny.
The bank in the picture below has a cooper number plate behind the glass, which I also offer as an option on my banks.

Price is $65.00, plus shipping.

Alamo Bank with Black on Copper number plate

Doorless Alamo Bank
Custom Number Plate
Email preferred numbers.
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All of our banks are designed and handmade by Steve Kreitler, using a combination of fine hardwoods and retired Post Office box doors.

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