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Presentation Boxes

These are designed as Pistol Presentation Boxes, but, of course, they can be used for any purpose you can think of. They come in two sizes- the smaller size is perfectly suited to hold a pistol the size of a 1911 .45, the larger is sized for a six-inch barrelled revolver. The inside top to bottom space is around two inches, so there is plenty of room for a large framed pistol.

They are constructed thusly- the sides are hardwood (1/2" to 5/8" thick), the top and bottom are both two layers of (nominal) 1/4" plywood laminated thogether. I laminate them under considerable pressurre, which results in dead flat material. Since 1/4" plywood is really only about 3/16" these days, the tops and bottoms of these boxes are about 3/8" thick, and will easily support a heavy item without drooping or warping. It is also thick enough to take small nails or screws to hold on an engraved plate or other decoration.

The top and bottom are trimmed to size and inlayed into the sides of the box, resulting in a neat appearance and great strength (the bottom sits flat- it is flush with the bottom of the sides).

Woods may vary, as may the hinge arrangement- unless ordered otherwise, they will always come with snap hasps as shown. The finish is simple oil over stain- a harder finish can easily be added over this is you decide to.

Since I don't know what all of my customers will want them for (and because it would raise the price considerably), I'm not putting a lining of any kind in these. This is a fairly tedious job, but can be accomplished easily enough with minimal tools (I've done it with a pocketknife and straightedge before). The bottom picture is of a lined box intended to hold a black power revolver and accessories.

There is little difference in materials for the two sizes, and no difference in the amount of work, so I'm charging $35.00 for both of them.

I try to have a number of these on hand and finished at all times, but if you need a bunch, please e-mail me to make arrangements.

Presentation Box

Presentation Box

Presentation Box

Presentation Box

Presentation Box
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All of our banks are designed and handmade by Steve Kreitler, using a combination of fine hardwoods and retired Post Office box doors.

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