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Below are instructions on opening your Post Office Box Door Banks.

The combinations to your banks are written on the bottom, with the top letter (or pair of letters ) being the first letter of the combination. If two letters are written together, the pointer should be between them. Most combinations will consist of three points on the dial. A few use only two- if you see only two letters or pairs on your bank, you have one of these. to open-

We will use the combination "A- BC- D" as an example. The order is 1 right, 1 1/2 left, 1 right.

1. Turn the dial clockwise several times to clear it, then stop on "A". (1 right)

2. Turn the dial counterclockwise *PAST* "BC", and continue in the same direction to stop with the pointer between "B" and "C" (1 1/2 left). If your combination has only two stops, go straight to step 4.

3. Turn the dial clockwise to "D" (do not go past it). (1 right).

4. Turn the knob, and pull the door open.

This is all easier done than said, and will take only a few seconds once you've done it a few times.

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