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  Many years ago I bought my first scroll saw- and almost immediately, someone asked me to make them a nameplate. I did it, and a minor cottage industry was born. I made lots of the things, but gave it up some time ago. Awhile back I got asked to do some more, and it was very enjoyable, so I've decided to add them to the site. Price is a flat rate (although, for very short names, I might do two for one). It's about the same amount of work no matter the length of the name, so I've never made any point of charging that way.
   Base is made from Corian- everyone always thinks that it's marble. I get my Corian as bulk scrap, so I seldom know the name of the color, so, sorry, no orders for specific types of Corian. I will however, try to ballpark it, if I can find something similar to your desire in my pile of the stuff.
   I prefer to cut names our of Black Walnut, and I've laid in a supply for that purpose. I will do it in another wood if you request it, though- but, be warned- oak breaks easily when cut into small pieces- has to do with the large grain. Whatever color/species you choose, I'll put it on a contrasting Corian Base.
   I will warranty these for breaking in shipping- if it doesn't get to you intact, I'll make you another one (although I've never had a problem with this). I do *not* replace them for misspelling- the spelling you send me is what you get, and you are responsible for it!

Price is $42.95, plus shipping.

Black Walnut and Corian Nameplate

nameplate, 3/4 View

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All of our banks are designed and handmade by Steve Kreitler, using a combination of fine hardwoods and retired Post Office box doors.

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