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Pedestal Banks

I make three different styles of pedestal banks, so be sure to scroll down!


The Original Pedestal Bank.

These are available with your choice of stain colors. With a #1 PO door, this bank is about 8" high, by 6" deep and 7" wide. The top and bottom molding does not continue around the back, so it will stand flush against a wall (or the back of a cabinet).

This model also makes an excellent lamp- on request, your bank will be delivered with holes pre-drilled to accomodate a standard lamp kit, at no extra charge.

Price is $49.95.

Red Mahagony stain, Natural Oak, Walnut Stain

Pedestal Bank- $49.95


Doorless Pedestal Bank- $40.00

Custom Number Plate
Preferred Numbers.
Corian Slot Cover

The Large Pedestal Bank

This version is designed to use the larger #2 Post Office Box Door (which measures about 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"). Since making this one square would result in a huge bank that wouldn't fit anywhere, I've slimmed this one down a bit so that it fits nicely wherever you put it. It's quite roomy inside, as the back is made of 1/4" stock (instead of the usual 3/4"). A bit of internal bracing makes it quite strong and adequate for the job.
   As well as being a great bank, by putting a couple of cup hooks inside this one, it makes a great key safe- just the thing to keep little fingers out of your keys!
Price is $54.95.

Large Pedestal Bank- $54.95


Doorless Large Pedestal Bank- $40.00

Custom Number Plate
Preferred Numbers.
Corian Slot Cover

The Small Pedestal Bank

The Small pedestal bank is the same as the Large Pedestal bank, only built around a smaller #1 door. Although narrower front to back than the Original Pedestal, it's roomier than it looks, as the back is made from 1/4" stock. The pictured examples have keyed doors, but unless you specify otherwise, they'll have original combination doors. Just let me know in an email which you prefer. (the two banks pictured are the same size- just some wierdness in my cropping made them look different).
Price is $44.95

Small Pedestal Bank, Walnut Stain Small Pedestal Bank, Golden Oak Stain

Small Pedestal Bank- $44.95


Doorless Small Pedestal Bank- 35.00

Custom Number Plate
Preferred Numbers.
Corian Slot Cover
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