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Special Orders
  This page is for those little "extras".

Custom Box Number Decals
  I have a supply of decals matching the original Post Office number decals, and if you request it, I will put the number of your choice on a bank, or banks ($2.00 charge per bank). If ordering more than one bank, please be specific in the "comments" section about which bank/s get the custom numbers.


Custom Copper Box Numbers
   Some years ago, I layed in a supply of very thin sheet Copper. I will be happy to cut your custom numbers from this copper for $5.00 per bank.

Custom Copper Names
   Using that same copper mentioned above, I'll be happy to cut out a name to put in your bank's window. Charge is $7.50 per name (first and last each count as one). Again, please be very specific about spelling and which bank/s to do this with.

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