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Grecian Gold Oval Bank

Okay, so it's more green than gold- I used a very old stain that I picked up at a sale somewhere. It was called "Grecian Gold", and probably made in the sixties, but was tightly sealed, and still just fine. Since this post office box door was made in the sixties, I thought it might be fun to go for a bit of a retro look with the vintage stain. Personally, I like how it turned out- I hope you like it, too!
I've tried something new on this bank- I put a strand of twisted copper wire around the base as an added decoration (again, going for a retro look). It remain should remain shiny, as it is covered with a thin film of epoxy.
I've begun numbering my banks this year- this is number 4-007, making it the fourth bank I've completed this year.
Price is $47.95.

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