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The MD Bank

The MD bank, named in honor of my daughter's pediatrician (who got the first one). Size is 9" wide by 6" high (approximately), with the base extending somewhat beyond that. I can build this one with either a small (#1) door, as shown, or with a large (#2) door, as used on the Oval Bank. Price is the same for either one.
This is intended to be a two-tone bank, so unless you specify one single type of wood, the front will be whatever you order, and the sides and top will be a contrasting wood.
Price is $46.95, plus shipping.

MDBank, Maple and Pine

Stain Color/Wood Species

:: About our banks ::

All of our banks are designed and handmade by Steve Kreitler, using a combination of fine hardwoods and retired Post Office box doors.

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